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Older Media

Professor Tony Bendell delivered a keynote presentation at the 5th Counter Fraud and Forensic Accounting Conference back in June. During the presentation, in which Professor Tony was invited to deliver, he stressed the importance of anti-fragility in a fragile world. You can view the keynote in it's entirety, above.

TOCICO Conference Slides

September 2015

'Becoming Excellent' Master Class with Professor Tony Bendell

Thursday 18th June 2015


Opening Presentation

'Developing Anti-Fragile Organisations'  launch seminar, 26th March 2014

On 'Developing Anti-Fragile Organisations' by Tony Bendell

The Anti-Fragile Concept of the Firm

by Tony Bendell

Business Failures and the Lack of Antifragility 

by Michael Folkson

Spreadsheet Count - an Indicator of Fraglity?

by Jon Kidd

The Fragility of British Industry

by Tony Brown

A Brief History of Transformation in Local Government

by Peter Whitehouse

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