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Rethinking Risk Management and Preparing for the Next Global Crisis

Today we live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous (VUCA) World and Risk Management, as most organisations use it today, predates that and is in consequence inadequate.

Professor Tony Bendell, a leading thinker and contributor on the subject, is committed to making organisations less fragile and more antifragile. This was the rationale behind his 2014 Gower book ‘Building Anti-Fragile Organisations’ and the establishment of the Anti-Fragility Academy in 2012, for whom he acts as Lead Consultant & Trainer. During the COVID-19 pandemic he largely

focused more specifically on how to make organisations more Crisis Proof, which is the subject

of his new book, available January 2023, ‘Time to Rethink Risk Management: Surviving Future

Global Crises’ published by World Scientific Publishing.

Risk Management is today both a great success, an impressive achievement, and a notable failure.

It works, and it doesn’t work. It saves lives and property, and it fails to save lives and property.

It helps and it hinders. Like all such management approaches, this has a lot to do with how it is

employed and practiced but, in the case of Risk Management there is also a more fundamental

issue. The Risk Management framework, the Risk Management model, is wrong.

Risk Management has come a long way, but that evidence of its more recent failure is now

all around us and that it needs to now change dramatically if it is to accommodate current

realities. Whilst there is a clear need for us all to manage Risk through a Crisis, there is a

lack of understanding of the nature of Crises that is impeding progress. Organisations

need to change how they manage risk and ensure business continuity in the vastly changed

VUCA environment.


Let Professor Bendell and the Anti-Fragility Academy guide you on your path to the future.


With the publication of the book, Professor Bendell is now offering individuals and organisations the opportunity to get first-hand insight into the most appropriate responses to these practical challenges, and to identify, scope and effectively implement, appropriate organisational responses. In doing this, he is focusing on the specific needs of all key organisational players. Accordingly, support available includes: 

⦁    Board Briefing sessions
Typically, from one hour to half a day based around the role of the Board vis-a-vis Operations, and the implications for change due to the VUCA environment and particularly global crises.

⦁    Half-Day Awareness Workshop, for management teams
These represent an opportunity for familiarisation with the fundamental issues, plus an opportunity for the team itself to explore their implications and the potential for mitigation within the business.

⦁    One & Two Day Inhouse Masterclasses, for risk professionals
A more in-depth treatment of the limitations of the current risk management approaches, the threats of the VUCA environment and cascading global crises, as well as reviewing current organisational infrastructure and developing the basis for an appropriate response.

⦁    Initial External Organisational Review/Stocktake; One to Two Days
A focused structured review of the current approaches to risk management and business continuity within the organisation, and its treatment of systemic risks, focusing in particular on the potential impacts of Black Swans, Global Trends, Grey Rhinos and Global Crises.

   Consulting, advisory & training services
Offering fully customised support.

If sufficient demand exists, Tony Bendell would also like to establish a global ‘Rethinking Risk Networking Club’, with corporate & individual membership. Founding Champions are needed, individual or corporate, to help establish this. 

If you're interested in learning more about our Anti-Fragility and Risk Management services, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Professor Bendell at the Anti-Fragility Academy! 


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