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Is Your Enterprise Risk Management Fit For Purpose?

Reimagining Your Risk Management in 2024

Today we live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous (VUCA) World and Risk Management, as most organisations use it today, predates that and is in consequence inadequate.


Risk Management today is both a great success, an impressive achievement, and a notable failure. It works, and it doesn’t work. It saves lives and property, and it fails to save lives and property. It helps and it hinders. Like all such management approaches, this has a lot to do with how it is employed and practiced but, in the case of Risk Management there is also a more fundamental issue. The Risk Management framework, the Risk Management model, is wrong.

To survive and prosper in the VUCA world, all organisations need to rethink and reimagine their Risk Management approach. This new two-part masterclass program will provide you with the invaluable knowledge and opportunity to strengthen your Enterprise Risk Management.

Participate in a Unique Masterclass Program

Start your New Year with a new Risk Management approach, via an unique online Masterclass Program facilitated by the author of the new book Time to Rethink Risk Management – Surviving Future Global Crises published by World Scientific Publishing Singapore.  

Commencing in February 2024, this program of Masterclasses is designed and delivered by Professor Tony Bendell specifically to encourage & enable the participants to take stock of their organisation's current approach to Risk Management, and to rethink & reimagine the risk environment and their organisation's response to it. Risk Management, as most of us know it today, was developed prior to the current VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) circumstances and, in consequence, is no longer fully fit for purpose.


There is a need for a fundamental, but maybe subtle, change in approach, & NOW is the time to start doing it. This Masterclass Program provides an unique opportunity & environment for participants to learn, understand, process, plan & start the process of deploying a reimagined restructured response to the identification & management of organisational risks. 

Program Content

Being Prepared for Crises: 23rd February, 1st March, 8th March

The Path to Recovery: 3rd May, 10th May, 17th May

  • A model of Global Crises and a Consequential Model for ERM 
  • Knowing the Crisis is Coming
  • Seeing the Crisis is Coming
  • Knowing the Crisis is Here
  • Organisational Management Through the Crisis
  • Timely Emergence
  • After the Crisis
  • Implementing Sensible Enterprise Risk Management

Early Bird Price: £550+VAT* for Part One

Early Bird Price: £550+VAT* for Part Two

 Regular Price: £795+VAT* for Part One

 Regular Price: £795+VAT* for Part Two

Delegates can book on both series at an early bird price of £750+VAT!* Full price £1095 + VAT*

Each Session will run twice each day, 8am-12pm GMT and 1pm-5pm GMT to allow global delegates to participate! 

The course fees include full delegate packs and a complimentary copy of Time to Rethink Risk Management signed by the author will also be mailed to all delegates.

Secure your place!

Book early to secure your place as places are limited. Overseas organisations wishing to have delegates participate may contact the Academy to avoid paying VAT.

Professor Tony Bendell, is a leading thinker on the need to reimagine and reinvent management in the VUCA world, he is committed to making organisations less fragile and more antifragile. 

His most recent book, published in 2023, ‘Time to Rethink Risk Management: Surviving Future Global Crises’ published by World Scientific Publishing Singapore, describes and responds to the crucial needs of managing risk in the VUCA world.

Author, Course Creator and Masterclass Facilitator: 

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