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Why We Shouldn’t Wait & See following Brexit?
A Strategy Stocktake as a consequence of Brexit & other turbulence

Conduct of the Stocktake: What We Will Do


All stocktakes are to an extent unique to the circumstances and nature of the organisation being reviewed. However, there are common principles, and this is particularly true in the context of reviewing strategy in current circumstances. Whilst these can be varied from, depending on your needs, they remain a good starting and reference point.


A stocktake commences with commissioning and briefing us. In our initial discussions, we explore with you the context and circumstances which the organisation is facing, its history, governance, operations, market offerings and challenges. On the basis of these, we establish a stocktake schedule allowing us to meet with key executives and stakeholders whose views need to inform the review, as well as to talk to others in the organisation, review documentation and data and conduct an exploration of the relevant business and general environment.


Prior to producing a written report, we feedback in outline to the client to confirm applicability and understanding. We can also subsequently present our findings directly to the Board or Executive Team if required.


Throughout this process, we will focus on the imperative issues facing your organisation, which we have tentatively agreed with you at the start of the process, and for private sector companies typically include market opportunities and threats, uncertainty, confidence and the cost & availability of capital. In the post-Brexit age, we also typically need to include


  1. Increasing your Home Market
    What does the home market now need more of?
    How do we protect the market share we have got?
    Where are the new opportunities?


  2. Protecting Your European Market
    How to make sure they still need us?
    Creating price & trade-barrier inelasticity
    Setting up within Europe


  3. Developing the Rest of the World


Our stocktakes make good sense and are a good investment for many reasons, including:

  • They are low cost, typically just 3 to 5 man-days

  • They minimise disruption and are sensitive to internal issues

  • They are customisable

  • They tell you are and what to do next, in a clear concise and supportive way

  • They are not dogmatic or locked into proprietary approaches

  • They are fast, getting hold of the issues and preparing you quickly to move forwards

  • They are expert and conducted by very qualified and experienced consultants

  • They can be followed up, if wanted, by our full range of related management products and services, including more detailed scenario work on the way forward.

Different organisations have different needs, and we are able to adapt to these. But whatever you do, don’t wait and see. Brexit has set a lot of wheels in motion, and whilst we do not know yet where exactly the ball will end up, we do know that it is moving and we need to explore and check our readiness for this uncertain future.

Talk to us.

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