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Governance Services

Board Development Workshops

Board development should be a standing item on Board agendas and can contribute greatly to the growth of the Board’s capabilities and the coherence of the Board’s activities. Part of deploying this development is the use of Board Development Workshops.


Board development training workshops may be instigated following a Board health check, stocktake, or Self-Assessment, or just be based on a less formal evaluation or initiative by the Chair or Board. One, or a series of Workshops, may be scheduled.


The range of topics covered may include all or some of the areas identified above in Skill & Knowledge Development Training for Board members, as well as Specialist Workshops targeted on closing specific gaps in Board performance.


Often, clients request Workshops related to:

  • The role of the Board, procedures, and conduct

  • Board mission, vision, objectives & strategy

  • Financial accounts and broad legal & regulatory requirements

  • Board leadership and teamwork, although these are very much a subset of the areas that may need attention.


Specialist Workshops targeted on closing specific gaps in Board performance may deal with aspects related to:

  • Board decision-making processes

  • Agreed Board strategy deployment

  • Information sources and data access for the Board

  • Board involvement in Stakeholder needs

  • Effective time management for the Board


As well as the team training needs identified above, Board development workshops simultaneously have a number of purposes, involving aspects of leadership, communication and team building. Through an ongoing Workshop programme, Board members may build both their knowledge and understanding of key aspects underpinning their role; and their commitment to the Board, sense of purpose, understanding of the relationships between individual and team roles, camaraderie, and self-development.

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