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Governance Services

Board Participation

To assist Good Governance long term, The Anti-Fragility Academy can provide experienced qualified Board members to help contribute to and steer the Board. Such appointees will meet all the appropriate criteria for Board membership plus, through their association with The Anti-Fragility Academy, should demonstrate a deeper understanding and practice in relation to Good Governance than is normally expected in this role. They will also have a commitment to, and an ability to contribute to, Board improvement.


Such nominees may be technically appointed as long term advisors to the Board, or on suitable terms may become full Board members in their own right.


Our nominated Board members can provide ongoing long term support for improvement in Board practice by being supporters of reform, champions of the change process, knowledge holders in relation to risks, and role models who lead by example. They come from a range of backgrounds and skill sets, that can be matched to the cultural needs and facilitatory support required by the Board.


Appointments will typically be indefinite or for a minimum two-year period, subject to continuing to be of value.


Typically, this facility is used where any pressing issues within the Board have been resolved and there is a desire to access continuing longer-term positive low-key reinforcement. As an option, it can be combined with all the other services we offer.

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