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The ‘Committed to Good Governance’ Health Check & Standard Mark

Being Committed to Good Governance is a positive aspiration for every organisation and Board. The ‘Committed to Good Governance’ Standard Mark has been created to provide recognition that that aspiration is real and is reflected in the policies and practices of the Board and the conduct of the organisation.   


Not all Boards, nor all organisations, are ready for this standard. The standard requires that the Board and Board members are fully aware of their statutory and business responsibilities and has in place appropriate safeguards to protect its stakeholders. A Health check against the requirements is available to all Boards and organisations, whether or not they wish to apply for recognised status.


Good governance does not come about on its own, or by accident. It requires commitment, planning, monitoring, and control. It also requires the realisation that we, and our systems, are fallible. It has to be worked for. The Committed to Good Governance Standard Mark reflects this commitment.


The standard is issued for a three-year rolling period, subject to passing an annual review.


To find out more about the standard, or the other services we offer related to Good Governance, contact us today.

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