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Governance Services

Board Development Consultancy Packages

Over and above the provision of training workshops, Board Development may be supported very effectively though consultancy interventions. Prior to intervention, we need to agree with the Board or Chair the key priorities and planned order for a change.


Typically, our objective in such intervention is to systematically close the prioritised gaps identified through Self-assessment or a Health check/Stocktake.

These may be concerned with aspects of:


  • The role of the Board, and Board members

  • Board procedures and effective Board conduct

  • Board strategy deployment

  • Information and data access for the Board

  • Board leadership and team working

  • Board decision-making processes

  • The Board’s perspective on the organisation’s operations, their efficiency & effectiveness, products & services

  • Risk & opportunity management at the organisational and Board level

  • Board leadership and management of organisational change

  • Board involvement in stakeholder needs, conflict management, and resolution

  • Making things happen through effective implementation of Board policy and decisions

  • Board leadership through people

  • Effective time and attention management for the Board


With this approach, once issues in Board activity have been identified & prioritised, and a plan prepared, we work closely with the Chairman and key stakeholders to develop the board’s processes, activities, and time-plan. Because of the Board’s role and method of working, this is typically a longer-term endeavour, varying in longevity from maybe six months to two years.


Such interventions typically involve a combination of planning, procedure development & implementation, and team and individual coaching, as well as monitoring & review.


The ideal situation for a Board, however good it is, is that it continues to continually learn and improve further. Accordingly, regular periodic Board review, followed by appropriate consultancy intervention, can assist the Board in growing and learning.

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