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Governance Services

Skill & Knowledge Development Training for Board Members

The skills and knowledge needed to be an effective Board member are extensive and subtle. Whether or not you join a board as an expert in a particular area, it is unlikely that you will start with all the necessary knowledge and skills.


Board members need to be able to understand and know how to effectively scrutinise, implement & improve a large number of aspects related to their Board role, including:


  • The role of the Board, and Board members, Board procedures and appropriate and effective Board conduct

  • Board mission, vision, objectives, strategy & strategy deployment

  • Company/public or voluntary sector financial accounts and broad legal & regulatory requirements

  • External and internal information sources for Board use, and information and data access

  • Board monitoring, data summary, and analysis approaches

  • Leadership and team working at Board level and throughout the organisation

  • Board and organisational decision-making processes

  • The Board perspective of the organisations’ operations, their efficiency & effectiveness, products & services

  • A Board and enterprise level perspective of risk & opportunity management

  • Influencing and interpersonal skills at Board an organisational level

  • Board leadership and the management of organisational change

  • Board involvement in stakeholder needs, and conflict management and resolution

  • Making things happen through effective implementation of Board policy and decisions

  • Board leadership through people

  • Effective time and attention management for the Board and Board members


At the Anti-Fragility Academy, we believe that whilst Board members can and will learn effectively “on the job”, there are major benefits to the organisation, the Board and themselves in supporting them through appropriate & timely training. Accordingly, we offer both Board wide training and development programmes to support Board development, and individual Board member personalised training & development though needs assessment, training & coaching.

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